Please pray for Maggie!

You may be here because you are going through a personal crisis, maybe looking for answers, or maybe even hoping for a good story about love. It is my intention with this blog to do one thing.. glorify God through my testimony. Please click here to read a detailed goal list I have been fighting for my wife for over five years now. For most, this will seem crazy. She is my best friend, but she’s gone down a really bad path that I even warned her about. If your best friend started doing some really bad things what would you do? Would you say nothing? Would you hint around and hope? Or would you fight??

Maggie is not with us as you can read starting with the TROUBLE section of this blog. Will God allow us to divorce? How does God look at divorce? These are all questions I hope to answer through testimony and scripture. But the one thing you must understand in all of this is I am not fighting for my marriage… I am fighting for my wife’s SOUL!!! This is a spiritual battle 100% and I am in the thick of it. I am not just some guy pining over his wife that left the family. I am the loving husband that is enduring the rocks and arrows that come my way for the sake of a very hurt woman deceived by the world. This is the covenant I made with my wife and God… for better or worse.. to fight and stand for my family no matter what! Because if I don’t.. who will?

The one thing I don’t want to do in all of this is sound like I am feeling sorry for myself or a person who might cry about his prodigal wife. The truth is, I love my wife very much. And that’s really the heart behind what I write. Every relationship goes through trials… some make it and some don’t. And this is my testimony… my love song to my wife and about my relationship, and about how God has guided me to be a better person. I ask that you pray for this family because I believe God has something huge in store for us.

Before I go on I will state the names of many people will be changed as well as all the faces on the photos masked. I want to respect my family’s privacy as much as I can. However it is my intention to be very direct and very honest. Even when it comes to my own faults and failures, to tell the story properly I cannot hold back. It would not be fair to you (the reader), nor would it be fair to my family.

So thank you for your interest… best place to start is HERE!! And if my story inspires you or you know someone that can benefit please comment here or share this site.