This is an excellent site to encourage you as well as find more information regarding the spiritual realm.
Effective prayer is the only thing that can come against this spirit. Remember our battle is not against flesh and blood, but the principalities and powers of darkness. The battle needs to be won in the spiritual realm.

A slightly different perspective on the Jezebel. The bottom line however is we cannot tolerate this spirit one bit, and we must pray for those taken captive by it.

This is a great resourse on how to descern and handle a Jezebel spirit. This guy has many videos that go into great detail.


While the beginning of this video can be a bit dry, as he later gets into the manipulation and control of the mother, It describes the relationships between Maggie, her mother and father, and what Paige was going through. I got goose-bumps listening to this as the accuracy of cause and aftermath was spot on to what we experienced. I even got angry watching this as it was affirmation for everything, even with the problems we dealt with early on and my gut feelings and reactions of Maggie’s mother and how she was treating us.